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A game played on a table with rows of holes and air forced up through them so as to provide a low-friction surface on which a plastic puck can fly around rapidly. Played with two people each of whom holds a plastic thingy in front of their goal, which they use to block their goal and to hit the puck back towards their opponents goal. Typically, you would get a finger whacked by the puck quite painfully at least once per game. This is a game you'd find in a rec room See also: bumper pool

Air hockey is played on a completley flat, smooth table which has small holes in it for air to pass through. This air helps to provide a fast playing surface for the puck to slide on. There is a goal that two players defend on either side of the table. Players are not to use there bodies for offense or defense, they are to use mallets which are usually provided by the establishment that has the air hockey table. Some people have their own mallets. Air hockey is usually found in arcades, resturaunts, game rooms, or rec rooms. A game of air hockey can cost from fifty cents to a dollar. The common price seems to be 75 cents.

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