A man walks by

of no certain interest to me i gaze upon his receding hair line
think about the meaning of life but i am distracting
by the bright flashing lights through the glass door and
i turn just in time to witness a wreck two cars became one and the occupants within become none

i thought there was something i would do in a moment like this but it escapes me
i resign myself to quit such foolish nonsense
and i return to stocking the disposable razors the man walks by again his chest moving rapidly he commences to heave and lurch about the aisle i call for no one i watch him
collapse to the ground and i don't offer

my hand

this is what i wanted i think he sees me looking at him and slowly painfully
mouths the words help me i smile sadistically and rise and walk away what is it that is forcing me to act in such a manner so that i might become such a deplorable little m onster i wander

back into the quick-setting dusk and hurry along the side of the shopping
complex a young child asks me to buy a donut to help some less fortunate children i promptly retort that it is he that is the less fortunate and shove him into

oncoming traffic

i begin to skip
i like this freedom this lovely night this sweet moonlight oh what a life and i want to die a sign tells me that elvis just visited this establishment i
stop inside to cover the floor with shreds of an obituary i was carrying around in my pocketbook out comes the vaguely ethnic owner of the shop

he dances like a snake i want to take him home with me a lizard by a rock next to a frog and the snake in an aquarium beside yes i think that's what will become of him by this time i have already begun to lapse into seizing fits and i can't con troll my spasmodic movements through time
and space i want to stop this madness but i'd to see it continue i want to watch my life

from the comfort of a reclinable cushioned chair with a cup holder and i don't want people with big hats
to sit in front with their squabbling children and their popcorn containers full of muck

looking into the mirror i thought i saw humanity instead i saw myself.

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