Good lord, nature sure has some strange ways of ensuring the survival of the species. Take for instance your run of the mill garden slug. Since these are one of the few critters that are born as hermaphrodites, they are blessed with the sex organs of both genders. As an added bonus, in comparison to their size they are also what you might call “endowed “ by their creator with, uhm, really large slug packages.

Sometimes when the mood is right and the slug sex gets hot and heavy, their penises wrap around each other in a tight spiral. Taking a page from the Sting playbook on sex, this embrace can last for over twelve hours and the slugs often find themselves unable to extricate themselves from their lovers knot.

When one slug has had enough drastic measures are in order. It will locate the offending penis, be it its own or its partners and, wait for it, wait for it, gnaw it off! The slugs are now free to go about their daily business of spreading trails of mucus and destroying your garden .

It should be noted that the offending member will not grow back. The slug is now destined to spend the remainder of its life with only one set of genitalia.

Man, I don’t know too much about slug anatomy or their threshold of pain but from where I sit, that’s gotta freakin’ hurt.

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