I've always believed I'm naturally really really lucky. But I've come to the conclusion that a person's luck is like a pool of water. You can enlarge the pool, so it holds more water; and you can drain the pool. But you can't squeeze it for more when it's empty (known as pressing your luck). You just gotta wait until it fills up again.

What to do with this resource? Well, you can use it on people, objects, and events. You can focus on a specific somthing that you want to happen, and if you get it right -- it does. The process is similiar to Chaos manipulation, but introduces added order (the goal you had in mind) instead of random noise.

What you need to do is to really believe (not merely want to believe), and then you just need to want whatever it is you desire. That will provide the focus for the luck to work on. To provide the power, you need to release the pent-up energy, by something akin to relaxed concentration. It's like the clarity you get just before you drift off to sleep, or just before you become fully awake. Do not strain! That will doom your efforts. You may have to repeat this several times for it to work.

OTOH, if you're capable of feeling all of the potential probabilites floating around you, you can use your luck to move them closer towards the probable future. That is both more efficient and less time-consuming.

Please note: applying your luck on events with an 100% probability (or conversly, 0%) of happening will have no effect whatsoever. It can only be used in ambigious situations, where things have some chance of happening.

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