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boss i confess i have my doubts
about killing the poor
i am not responsible for
the message that graces
our doors at times
i have thought to make an
issue out of it but a cockroach
is not much use when it
comes time for revolution
the poor would object but there
are not many of them
around here
it is the same when the poor
say lets burn the rich there
are never any large wall street
accounts walking by boss
the other day i saw a fellow
half down on his luck who
couldnt decide whether he
should be rich or poor i says to
him what is the problem
he says i dont know if
it is more human to be
poor and hungry or
rich and fed well i says
your problem is you are
using the wrong yardstick
you cannot try to be
human and expect to
amount to anything perhaps
you should try to be more
like your smaller friends
nonsense says he i have
decided i am going to be
rich and so saying he
went off to buy stock in
some new company pitching
a poverty repellent boss
i sometimes fear all
the advice i give is falling
on deaf ears


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