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Someone told me that Something Corporate was the cross product of Ben Folds Five and Blink 182. After listening to them, I can't say that I'm inclined to agree, but they are a damn good form of piano-powered (punk?) rock.


  • Andrew McMahon - Piano, B3, Vocals

  • Josh Partington - Guitar, Vocals

  • William Tell - Guitar, Vocals

  • Clutch - Bass

  • Brian Ireland - Drums, Vocals

Hailing from SoCal, this up-and-coming quintet has released two records through Drive-Thru Records (typically known for youth-oriented punk).


  • Audioboxer (EP - 2001)

    1. (Hurricane) The Formal Weather Pattern
    2. iF yoU C Jordan
    3. Punk Rock Princess
    4. Bad Days
    5. Little
    6. Walking By

  • Leaving Through the Window (LP - 2002)

    1. I Want to Save You
    2. Punk Rock Princess
    3. I Woke Up in a Car
    4. iF yoU C Jordan
    5. The Astronaut
    6. Hurricane
    7. Cavanaugh Park
    8. Fall
    9. Straw Dog
    10. Good News
    11. Drunk Girl
    12. Not What It Seems
    13. You're Gone
    14. Globes and Maps

To begin, I suggest downloading most of Audioboxer, starting with Punk Rock Princess and iF yoU C Jordan. The quality of Leaving Through the Window is more 'finished' than that of Audioboxer, but some of the tracks tend to drag. Drunk Girl is always fun to listen to, and I'm partial to I Want to Save You and I Woke Up in a Car. Enjoy!

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