A ski resort in Sweden. About half an hour's drive from Oestursund, which is nice if you can fly in - otherwise you can take the overnight train from Stockholm, or drive up if you have time and petrol to burn.

The resort itself consists of three mountains about a lake: Duved, and Bjornen have gentler blue slopes while the central mountain is covered in Reds and Blacks. A lot of international Skiing competitions are held in Åre, usually either along the Stortloppet/Gastrappet run, or the World Cup run, both of which are black at the top and red further down.

(Slopes are graded Green, Blue, Red, Black and are equivelant to America's Blue, Red, Black and Double-black.)

The snow often lasts through March, but when it melts you can still amuse yourself there hiking, parachuting, gliding or by messing about in boats.

Has a webcam located at <http://www.arewebcam.com/>.

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