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An armoire is an ornate wardrobe or moveable cabinet. Often an antique or made to look like one.

Typically an armoire is very large—up to eight feet—but can be as small as half that, in which case it is called a "half armoire" or encoignure. An armoire will have a series of drawers at its bottom and one or two doors at the top, revealing more drawers. There is often (but not always) a mirror upon the door. 

An armoire may stand upon dove-tailed legs or flat upon the floor. Needless to say, an armoire is very heavy.

An armoire is a sturdy piece of furniture and a very spacious place to hold clothing should a closet either be not available or sufficient for the task. The doors to the armoire may also lock. Some armoires also have secret compartments.

The word is of French origin, from the word armari which meant a chest or closet for utensils.

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