Autistic slang, an affectionate term for a child with Asperger's syndrome. This word was most likely coined by aspies themselves, in describing younger aspies or their own children. Aspling, like aspie, is generally used in a positive manner rather than a degrading one. There are doubtless, though, aspies who would find the term aspling entirely too cute. For some reason, there is no equivalent term autling.

Usage Note: Such pet names should be used with caution by people who are not themselves either on the autistic spectrum or closely associated with aspies who use it. This kind of word can sound strange or slightly sinister coming from someone who doesn't view it as a positive term, particularly if that person is also neurotypical.

Example Usage: "I met a seven-year-old aspling today whose special interest was geology, and she wouldn't let me leave the room until she recited an hour-long lecture on the subject."

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