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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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Akkatsa wimsitte engines kanf yuss dweyan sedyurír wir kinasmi yirron ruríkkat buyu nokuz yirrindi sailin.
Yirronti nowa wírit busailin sailin yuírof insailine enasí utin kyurírin.
Yurírin dukka sweirí speka katna wir fila un insailin.
Dakíu furrak raksina sailin furrindar iselaít.

In theory I've always liked the idea that kind words beat upvotes and C!s every day.
I am happy when people give comments, positive or negative.
The difference between theory and practice is that there isn't any.
In practice I find private messages impossible much of the time, to write or to reply to.
I don't mind receiving them, just if I don't reply it's likely nothing personal.
In that respect, I am glad I have reached a level where I can show my appreciation for others' work by upvoting.

He who has enough to eat does the hungry not believe.
People are impossible. I should know; I'm one of them.
The problem with people who think life is inexpressibly beautiful is that they so often try to express it anyway.

Current project: Filling various vaguely disability-shaped gaps in the nodegel, particularly from viewpoints that may be under-represented online.