I've been thinking about this. There are numerous things that have happened to me in my tenure on E2 which I consider to be steps along the way. Yes, I know about levels, and obviously getting to the next level is a big step, but these are the more intangible things that can happen.

I'm confident that most people will see all of these if they're patient, hardnoding, and honest.

I would also add that your first negative reputation score is pretty significant.

I know a lot noders are hurt to varying degrees the first time they get a negative score - what is wrong? don't they like me? bastards! are all thoughts that can go through newbie noders when they get downvoted below 0.

I consider this to be the direct opposite to Having your first double-digit rep writeup.

(Comment) This w/u has been upvoted 5 times and downvoted three. The reputation score doesn't bother me, but I would like to point out to my fellow E2ers, that simply because someone writes about negative rep, doesn't mean that they are necessary whining or bitching about it and hence should be downvoted. What I wrote is true about a lot of starting E2ers - it is fact, not some whining opinion! And therefore fulfils the E2 criteria. Cheers.(/comment)

I'd say a few others are:
Going to #everything the first time. (And running away)
Introducing a friend to E2
Noding about E2
and what I see as the most important is reaching level 2, because it is kindof a watershed line, in that when you pass it you feel as if you are no longer a visitor. Or something.

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