When you're afraid of a conversation, you breathe out very slowly before speaking. As if in some way, holding onto that breath is going to save you from the unpleasantness.

Everyone learned a lot from him, that's pretty safe to say. But he always left us with even more questions. Always questions.

He was one of those peculiar types. He made people uncomfortable. Not because he was lacking in social graces, he was quite suave. But because he thought he could change people by challenging how they think. It wasn't an act of manipulation, or domination. Some said he was too kind for his own good. That his heart had grown too large, and he lost all of his sense.

If you were to see him walking down the street, you might believe it. This gentleman, who was rather large, would skip down the street, just because he enjoyed it. His tangled hair would fly, his lips would be pulled into the most sincere smile ever encountered, and his eyes seemed to glow with life all the time. I would wager that he looked "crazy" if you didn't know him well. I mean, honestly, the guy whistled Mozart!

A drunk killed the man who is closest I've ever come to meeting a superhero.

One time he talked to me about people complaining all the heroes were dead. He told me that people didn't realise that they must be the heroes in the stories. I laughed because I thought what he was saying was corny and naive.

Without a doubt, if I had to make a list of my heroes, there would be only one person guaranteed a spot on it. The lessons you've taught stick with us like caramel to our teeth, and we never thanked you enough.

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