"I'm breaking up with you", she said, sobbing.

While my world was shattering around me, my mind went to full alert, analyzing the situation at overclocking speeds. Something wasn't right.

We've been happy together. I've never cheated on her, hurt her at all, and there is no reasonable event in the near past that should have triggered this. Of course, she has been slightly lapse in talking to me...

The dots connect. There is someone else. One of my worst fears has come to pass, and my deepest insecurity has been exposed. There have been many guys constantly vying for her attention, and while talking to her, I've always confidently claimed that I don't worry about them much, while secretly plotting to kill all of them in my daydreams.

My heart was burning... Do the years of togetherness matter none at all? Is all the joy that we've shared worth nothing? Where did I go wrong?

But she always accused me of thinking with my head rather than my heart. Time to put that head to good use.

Why was she crying? Is that something girls just do when breaking up? I don't think she would. She's being prompted. The infinitely optimistic part of my brain fires and tells my heart that it can still salvage this.

"Really?", I say into the phone after barely five seconds, putting everything I feel for her to make up for the thousands of miles between us, "Why don't you tell me the same thing over dinner," and after a strategic pause, "without him present?"

"So, you're back together?", my best friend was looking at me intently over his steaming latte, "But will you be able to forgive her?"

"Of course I will," I said, meeting his eyes, "I love her."

My second piece of flash fiction after End of a Relationship

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