I woke up before my alarm rang. This rarely, if ever, happens, but that day was different from the word 'go'. I had a gut feeling that good things were about to happen to me. Now those who know me, know that I have a hopelessly optimistic outlook to life, but today seemed especially bright to me too.

I was shaved, bathed, clothed and ready to roll by the time Mom was up. This is something that only happens when I have an early morning flight to catch, and only half the time then. Then again, Mom only needed one look at the brightness on my face to be convinced that I wasn't ill today.

I was the first one to reach office. This is something that never happens, and my teammates assumed I had been in office overnight, as was a constant habit. No one even took notice of the constant smile on my face since these guys are somewhat used to seeing me smile for no reason. They were a bit amazed at the higher than usual amount of top-notch code that I churned out. They were even more amazed at me packing up and getting ready to leave at the usual time I come in. Its rare for any boss to compliment someone who is leaving early, but I could see the work I had put in that day already impacting the quarterly appraisals.

I pulled my car into her driveway bang on time. This is something that has happened occasionally, but she was pleasantly surprised nevertheless. I'm not sure if she noticed that something was different, but the good mood was contagious, and we were in splits of laughter by the time dinner ended. Clumsy as I am usually, I managed to get through this date without breaking or spilling anything. After all, I could do no wrong today!

At her doorstep, she kissed me. This was not the first time this happened, but this one was the kiss of the lifetime. This was the kiss that tells the guy that this is the girl of his dreams, and awakens in him the desire to move heaven and earth for her happiness. This was the kiss that tells the girl that this guy is going to treat her as a princess all her life, and he's a keeper. Most importantly, this was the moment I was subconsciously waiting for since a long time.

I dropped to one knee and showed her the ring I've been carrying with me since a while. This was the first time this happened, and my only regret for the entire day is that the moment was never captured on camera. No words were necessary. The shocked look on her face, followed by the most beautiful smile I've ever seen was enough for me. As I transferred said ring from the box to her finger, her eyes misted over, and she gracefully fell into my arms. We held each other for a long time that night.

I think it's okay to be late all the time. The odd day that you do everything on time, good things happen.

This is my third flash fiction after End of a Relationship and The Break Up. It is a bit more chick-lit-ish than my tastes... but I think I can live with it.

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