Scientific discipline concerned with how living matter may be affected by electromagnetic fields.

The efforts in the field are best categorized by what part of the electromagnetic spectrum they investigate.

There are many experimental studies showing effects of fields of all the types mentioned above. With the exception of the animal navigation observations, there is very little in the way of theory to explain these effects. Without a plausible theory, it is difficult to design a good experiment and progress is slow.

Good theories are hard to come by because the very small energy of the field. Physicists in general like to do a little calculation "on the back of an envelope" to show that most of the observations could not have happend.

Still, the experimental results remain.

The most compelling of the observations above is that of animal navigation. It seems that many spieces of bird (over 20 kinds by now) are able to use the earth's magnetic field for orientation if deprived of other means. Some insects appear to have the same ability, honeybees and monarch butterflies are two examples. Not only are the observations strong, the sensitivity to the fields are quite extraordinary - these animals are all able to use variations in the relatively weak magnetic field (about 50 micro Tesla).

It may be that humans too have this ability, or had it at some point when we were more in tune with our senses. Would you like to discover that there is a compass built into your head?

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