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"Cleans, PROTECTS, brilliant shine in ONE STEP! Simply spray and walk away!" The detailer's tip on the can promised "One can will clean, shine and protect up to 36 tires."

My youngest son graduated from high school last night. He even went to the prom and I tried to get him to whiten his teeth at home and vacuum his Jeep. He did neither. Trying to be a good parent, I washed all of our cars, vacuumed his Jeep in case he wanted to impress his girlfriend, then followed the directions for BLACK MAGIC and I was not happy.

So I sprayed the foam on the tires again. The old life lesson of Sometimes Things Are Not That Important, So Let It Go. "Manufacturer's liability is limited to refund of product when used as directed." I walked away as per the directions.

(Sequel to black magic, never posted because shortly after joining E2, I tried to stop a young person from driving while drunk by grabbing the door handle and ended up in the ICU with a brain hemorrhage that resulted in a concussion.


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