The Bloogs are a race of alien creatures from Commander Keen 6: Aliens Ate My Babysitter. They come from the planet Fribbulus Xax. A Bloog has an almond shaped body, with a pair of arms and a pair of legs. The Bloog’s face is at the center of the body and consists of one large red eye and a drooling mouth. Young Bloogs, called Blooglets, may be green, red, yellow, or blue, but adults are always green. The Bloogs police important areas with Blooguards, who are tougher and carry large clubs. They seem to have an interest in devouring human females, such as Keen's babysitter.

Despite their rather barbaric nature, the Bloogs enjoy a level of technology comparable to that of Humans. They have built factories, skyscrapers and even an orbital base. This is largely due to the cooperation of the Fleex, a reclusive race of scientists and engineers. The Fleex designed much of the architecture and technology of Fribbulus Xax, although their designs are frequently bungled by clumsy Bloog construction. The Bloogs are also assisted by the Bips, tiny creatures who operate their machinery and perform minor guard duties. Whether the Fleex and the Bips are willing compatriots, or slaves of the Bloogs, is unknown.

The Bloogs became involved in Keen's affairs when they kidnapped his babysitter, Molly. They did this at the command of Mortimer McMire, who bought their loyalty using the Stupendous Sandwich of Chungella IV.

This has been a nodeshell rescue.

Referece: Commander Keen 6 Manual

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