Jeans which are Blue. By 'Jeans' I mean denim trousers (they're all the rage with the kids these days) and by blue I mean one of the shorter wavelengths of visible light near the higher end of the visual spectrum, next to violet.

The general words I've heard is the genre started with Mister Levi Strauss during the California Gold Rush. Cotton weave trousers would not hold up very well the the physicial labour the miners were akin too, so the 'pants' would have to be either patched repeatedly or replaced on a regular basis. In comes Levi, with trousers made of cotton but woven so it was as strong as steel -- you could punish then far longer then your could regular cotton and the fabric took patches better.

I would describe what they look like here, but if you're reading this, hell, you're probably wearing a pair right now.

God, when I looked over
and realized he was wearing
blue jeans, white shirt
something felt heavy on my heart

Isn't it funny
I was just thinking that morning
standing if front of the mirror
putting on mascara

'What if he was wearing
blue jeans and a white shirt
what would that mean
that he actually notices me'

He must have heard me
walking just behind
barely out of the conversation
'now my life is sweet like cinnamon'

'I want to know who's
listening to this song'
I thought he didn't even hear
or more likely, even care

Though I know
it was all a coincidence
and he doesn't care about
what I like

He doesn't care about me
and he doesn't even like me

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