It was a dark, but clear night. A friend invited me to go boating with him. He had never gone boating before, and neither had I. He had a 16 foot speedboat with a 200HP engine on it. Pretty impressive. Anyway, we launched at a dark boat ramp on Treasure Island, and ventured out into Biscayne Bay. Made our way to the Intercoastal Waterway and headed North for a bit. Really nice night... No bad weather in sight....

A thunderstorm came in. Faster than either of us thought possible. Given that neither of us had previous boating experience, we were rather frightened. The rain was cold. Lightning was striking the towering condominums on either side of the waterway. We sped back in the direction of the boat ramp, hearts pounding. We had no idea if we would get struck by lightning. The rough waters made the boat ride very roughly. We made it back safely, thank goodness...

Very stupid of both of us to not be prepared. However, some of the best lessons in life are learned the hard way. Applying the lessons learned (always check weather reports, don't go out at night without a high-power searchlight, don't go out at night without knowing the waters well) to our later trips made them much more enjoyable experiences.

Boating can be dangerous. Always be prepared.

Stoner slang for a joint that is burning unevenly – with one side burning faster than the other, or where one side has gone out and the other is still burning. Usually occurs more in joints rolled with bud, rather than solid. Putting tobacco on top of weed in the paper is a major cause of boating, as the tobacco will burn more slowly than the marijuana, and they will be on opposite sides of the joint. Some smokers do seem to have an innate (and usually unwanted) ability to cause a joint to boat; these people are called boaters.

Cure: Burn the paper off the longer side of the joint with a lighter. It is better to do this early as the larger the difference between the two sides the more marijuana will be wasted (as the longer sides’ paper will burn down to the shorter level, and burn past some of the mixture).

Prevention: The best way to avoid boating is to mix the marijuana and tobacco in a herb grinder before putting it into the paper. The mixture usually then burns at an even speed, and will smoke more slowly and smoothly than hand-separated bud.

Boat"ing, n.


The act or practice of rowing or sailing, esp. as an amusement; carriage in boats.


In Persia, a punishment of capital offenders, by laying them on the back in a covered boat, where they are left to perish.


© Webster 1913.

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