1- 1980 film, directed by Lawrence Kasden.

Starred William Hurt, Ted Danson and Kathleen Turner. A modern example of film noir set in steamy small town Florida. An excellent example of gullible men and antisocial women.

Some quotes:

Turner- "You're stupid, I like that in a man"
Hurt- "Keep talking, based on recent history I can be convinced of almost anything."

2- The temperature change created when in close proximity of another human being. Especially noticeable in cold temperatures and/or sleeping bags.

It's about 40 degrees outside today, crisp and clear. People are striding about in their coats and hats and gloves, I trot off the elevator in my sweatshirt hoodie and hands rammed deep into my skirt pockets. These pockets have become a second nature to me, any other skirt feels wrong, I keep sliding my hands into non-existent pouches.

And I stroll, (though stroll may be the wrong word, given my stiff leather boots and sharp manner of walking), yeah, I stride down to the park for my lunch hour at 2:30. Breathing puffs of air, (not entirely cigarettes, real, affirmative air). There are patches of ice warming in the sun, they must have been shaded all day. They are just there, and I navigate around them to a bench. Sure, my hands are a tad cold, but my body, and the rest of me is comfortably fresh, not chilly, not shivering, not reddened or icy. Just comfy.

Which is funny to think about, because if I was at home, same temperature, none of this would be acceptable. I'd have another layer on or something, I'd scuffle about in my slippers and grumble about the thermostat and close my window again; drink something hot and go to sleep early.

I have been called cold-blooded, I have been called an Ice Queen, I have been called excessively warm. All are true, I suppose, in one form or another, and it's probably got something to do with adrenaline or activity vs. slouch-shlepping around my digs. It could have to do with norms, I expect to be cold outside in December, and hence am ready to accomodate. It is most likely something that makes infinite sense, only it's just my lunch break and I'm out of time. Another day, I suppose, I will retrace these spidering thoughts.

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