A battery-powered portable radio receiver and/or cassette player and/or CD player. Stereotypical street gang accessory.

These were a fad back in the 80s, when small radios that could be played loudly were still a novelty. It was trendy to walk down the street with one blasting out your favorite music. By stereotype, this was Rap music or Funk, but back in Wisconsin, my friends and I preferred Whitesnake and Van Halen.

The fad petered out after the advent of the walkman, which was a lot easier to carry. Boom boxes are still made and bought, but they're usually bought by people who are truely interested in portable audio at picnics or at the office, and not by people trying to offend people on the street, which was the case in the 80s.

Incidentally, the street gang stereotype gave the boom box the nickname 'ghetto blaster'.

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