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  1. A very attractive young woman, or more rarely a man, employed to staff a booth or pod at a trade show. These individuals rarely know much if anything about the product or service being offered. However, they look smashing in their corporate logo'd baby tees and tight pants or miniskirts, and promote traffic to the booth. They are usually running a prize draw or just jumping up and down pneumatically and squealing.

  2. An employee of a company who has been sent to a trade show to act as a booth staffer. The attractiveness quotient is usually (though not always) lower than in (1). For guys, the rules are: fresh haircut, black pants, corporate logo'd golf shirt, new or newish shoes, and a fresh shave/trim. Such people are usually pressed into service to supply the technical knowledge lacking by the sense (1) bunnies hired by the company as eye candy. This duty can be fun, once. After which it is merely tedious.

See also booth babe.

Look for Lord Brawl as a booth bunny (sense 2) at JavaOne again in 2003.

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