The Border Collie is a working breed developed in Scotland around the 1700s. It is unclear if the term Collie comes from the Gaelic word for sheep, Canirich (pronounce corrie) or from the word Colly that means black in the old English dialect. A sturdy, symmetrical dog that is well-balanced standing at and average 17-21 inches and weighing 38-52 pounds. Border Collies are known for their trainability, stamina for work and intelligence, which is why most dog breeders and handlers rank them number one in intelligence. Their coats come in five colors and which are usually a combination of two or three colors that include: black, white, gray, blue merle, and red. On average, Border Collies have black and white coats of medium length. Border Collies live 10-14 years; working Collies live less than average, about 8-10 years. Shepherds in the Highlands and border country of Scotland have developed Sheep-herding commands that are still used today to drive and herd flocks.

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