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To me, it's understood that if someone says something racist, it doesn't apply to all people of that race... it's just a stereotype. For example, if I say that Arabs are worthless, that doesn't mean all of them are. Of course all of them aren't worthless. It's foolish to even think that. There are a whole lot of them who are wonderful, I'm sure.

I think racist comments are hilarious. I've had black guys call me a 'cracker' (and mean it). I couldn't stop laughing. I love that stuff. Words are only as powerful as you let them be. While those black guys that called me a cracker probably really meant it and hated me, I wasn't offended in the least. All they did was spout off a few rustic syllables and they expect that to harm me? Please.

Grow the hell up people. Quit worrying about who said what about you. It doesn't matter in the least. Instead of lurking through life constantly worried about offending someone or being offended, laugh a little. Maybe it's my warped sense of humor... I think the strangest things are bloody hysterical.

I enjoy tons of stuff. I walk through the day constantly laughing and smiling at the things I see (mostly people). All because I keep emotions to myself doesn't mean that I don't have any. It just means that I don't want to share them with you (and 95% of everyone else).

I have a pretty low boredom threshold. People act like it's a crime to be bored. "Why are you always bored? Are you so stupid that you can't even entertain yourself?" My theory is that people who have low boredom thresholds have extremely active, adventurous, and inquisitive minds. Maybe you can stare at a television all day watching Moesha and be completely entertained, but I can't. It's too boring. I need more intellectual stimulation than that.

Another thing I've noticed a lot recently is that people keep trying to change me. Because I enjoy being alone all the sudden I'm not as good as people who are more social. Because I enjoy reading or thinking, I'm not as good as people who spend their time playing basketball. Because I don't run around having sex with any girl I can get my hands on, I'm not as good as people who do.

All I feel is pressure to conform.

Why can't people respect each other for their differences instead of their similarities?

I think people press others to conform because they aren't comfortable. Mavericks scare people. It threatens their secure little way of life. Maybe they're jealous that they don't have any innovation or individuality.

Looking back over history, do we remember the millions of people who conformed with everyone else? Or do we remember the individualists, the people with their own ideas who never gave that up?







Thom Yorke.

Did these men conform? Did these men let everyone else control their thoughts and their aspirations? What do we remember them for anyway?

These men were ahead of their time. These men changed the world because they never let society swallow them. Millions of people are manipulated, controlled, and secured simply because they took the easier path. They took the path that society advocated and laid out for them. And where are they now?

Dead and long forgotten.

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