A boy toy is the male equivalent of a trophy girlfriend.  Whereas older men who are either handsome and worldly or insanely rich tend to collect trophy girlfriends, the older women collect a boy toy or two. 

Males tend to reach their sexual peak around 18-20 years of age, where women peak in their fourties when their hormones are screaming that they better get a move on if they want to begat another child. It makes sense, therefore, that the older women who look or act sexy would seek out the horny young men for copius volumes of sexual adventures. I dated a 40+ year old divorcee when I was young and it was purely sex at first. Naturally feelings developed after a long period of sexual encounters until she passed away suddenly from liver cancer.

I understand the needs of horny young men of legal age looking for someone who wants sex as much as they do, and the same for the older women. Although they go by many names, including cougar, why shouldn't they have the same opportunities to enjoy themselves? The men can learn what a woman wants and how to please them and the women can get hours of pleasure on a regular schedule. Win-win in my books.

Iron Noder 2017

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