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A lizard that vastly overpopulates South Florida. These things are everywhere; you have to be careful not to accidentally step on them when you're walking down a sidewalk... They usually sit motionless on a tree pointing down, waiting for some insect to come along. They're easy to catch and make good temporary earrings.

Yes, some anoles are green. But there is a species called the brown anole that only becomes lighter or darker brown. That is what I am talking about. }:)

Anoles change color. If an anole is brown, it is cold, sick, or pissed off (if it's very angry, it will extend its dewlap and try to scare you away). Happy, healthy anoles are green.

This little creature is found all over the warmer parts of the Americas, and is one of the most harmless, defenseless creatures I have ever encountered. I have owned a couple of anoles, including one that was maimed by a previous owner's iguana. They make good pets; anoles are low-maintenance and cute.

Dead anoles are a very dark brown.

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