Also a rather fantastic jungle/drum'n'bass track by Roni Size/Reprazent. The video features one of Roni's friends waiting at an airport; Roni receives a magic egg timer that makes time repeat within a small period - a basketball skips back and forth between the players' hands or a television thrown from a window moves up and down repeatedly. With time moving back and forth (for all but him) Roni gathers up his friends (the members of Reprazent) and go collect the guy waiting at the airport. Each time Roni puts time back to normal to collect a friend, time moves on a bit - the basketball game get's closer to the hoop and the television gets closer to the street.

My favourite part in this video is when Roni receives the egg timer - he is handed a brown paper bag and a policeman is briefly shown looking suspiciously at the handover.

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