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Sort of like bouldering but done on buildings (that is to say you climb on the building. The objective may be to get to the top of the building or to just climb over an arch or around a corner, or to get established on a pillar. The most famous builderer of them all is a french man by the name of Alain Robert who has climbed one of the Twin Towers, the Eiffel Tower, Sears Tower and many other buildings besides. He does this without ropes, I prefer short problems, not too far from the ground (read I don't have chhunos the size of watermelons)). In some countrys this is not even illegal as it requires a complaint from the building owner to prevent you from doing it.

Some basic ethics exist, don't break the building, don't use drainage bits, try not to scare people too much.

Many fine buildering problems can be found in every city, they should be elegant lines which are not too easy and yet give themselves up to the persistant and far sighted.

I like to builder without my climbing boots, just in street shoes, without chalk, it seems more appropriate, however this does inform my choice of street shoes.

Yesterday I sent (a term which means to have succeeded upon) a builder that I had been working on for a few months. Here is a list of some of my favourite buildering problems:


  • The meadows church
    has a stone ring running around the base of the tower,
    problem: get standing on the ring by mantleshelving it, can also use the prominant bastion, grade - 5b (english)

New York

  • Sandstone arch by teachers college, 120th between Broadway and Amsterdam
    problem: traverse the arch. grad - 5c+ (english)
  • Seat on Columbia campus
    problem: traverse around the seat, easy but fun grade - 5a (english)
will add more as i remember them

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