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An indispensable part of an ammunition reloading setup the most common of which is the kinetic bullet puller.

The bullet puller is used to remove the bullet from a cartridge after it has been seated and crimped without firing the charge. There are a few reasons why one would want to do this:

  • Mistakes in setting the seating and crimping die could have caused your loads to have bullets that were seated too deep. This can cause dangerous over pressure in the chamber and cause serious injury or death.
  • You might also realize at the end of your loading session that you have used the wrong type of powder or the wrong load data. Depending on what your mistake was this could mean a batch of overloaded rounds or underloaded rounds, both of which are equally dangerous to shoot.
  • mistakes in seating of primers could also be one but this is not common.

The kinetic bullet puller works by securely holding the cartridge by the rim and is then hit on a hard surface like hammer, the bullet that is free and is only held in place by the crimp of the case will little by little move forward until it falls off, the bullet puller has a reservoir to pick up the bullet and the powder charge that will spill. Be sure to dispose of the powder properly, the bullet can still be used.

Pseudo_Intellectual asks: it seems odd to hear that "serious injury or death" could result from firearms accidents. Isn't that the intended result when it works successfully?

A:Not at all, an overloaded round can Kaboom!, yes that link goes somewhere, destroying itself, your hand and quite possible inflicting you some serious injury which could kill you. An underloaded round on the other hand might not generate enough pressure to make the bullet clear the barrel and a subsequent shot fired could also Kaboom! the gun.

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