The girl was holding a bouquet of tiger lilies, foxglove, and daisies, traipsing across the lawn toward the building she knew him to be in. The mid-afternoon sun gave everything a golden halo of light to wear, and illuminated the dust motes that fell through the windows she passed once inside the building. She double-checked the slip of paper for the room number, and continued on her way, leaning on the wall once she found the room she wanted, watching the door.

After about ten minutes, a deluge of students poured out of the lecture hall, most ignoring her, others looking curiously at her. Then she saw him, called out his name, waved the bouquet around a few times before realizing it would ruin the flowers.

When he turned to see her standing there, hair flying out of barretts and wearing something akin to what one would find at a tea party, he smiled and wrapped her in his arms. She leaned her lips down to his ear, whispering her adoration, kissing his earlobe....

And then, then I woke up, hand reaching out, trying to touch a body that is not next to mine, although it belongs there. Instead, my hand grasps at blankets; my eyes open to gray morning light instead of dark brown eyes and soft mussed hair. I close my eyes and try to summon the dream once more.

BrevityQuest11. word count: 232.

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