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a.k.a. "the shell". Like a graphical user interface, except it's not graphical. Just text characters, typed in one after another, to put data in and get data out in the fastest possible manner.


The drawbacks can be refuted quite easily:
  • Nethack definitely doesn't qualify as a "cheap" game (even when it's free software). Nor do many MUDs.
  • Keyboard shortcuts (or command-line parameters) aren't necessarily hard to memorize, especially when they're shared between many applications (many apps in Unix know something about Emacs keys, for example). Besides, everything in GUI can - and should - be bound to menu shortcuts anyway.

    Besides, no matter what type of UI you use, you'll eventually, eventually, get used to it. =)

  • People who claim that character user interfaces can't use more than one file at time obviously haven't seen Emacs. Or screen, for that matter...

(Needed some to express some good-tempered counterpoints - I didn't want this to turn into a Holy War. =)

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