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Cheese toasties are a foodstuff, constructed by slicing or grating cheese, putting it between two pieces of bread, and placing it in a toastie maker until the cheese is bubbly. Alternatively, you can place the cheese on one piece of bread and place the bread underneath the grill in an oven to achieve a similar effect.

Cheese toasties are most commonly consumed by those attending university with very little time and/or culinary skills, and as such you'll often find a cheese toastie maker as the only appliance used in some student residences.

To improve the taste of your cheese toastie, try cheese and jam toasties, or if you're not feeling so adventurous just add a splash of milk on the cheese before grilling. You can also add any left over vegetables lying about to the mix, but watch out when adding vegetables high in water content (such as tomato) as they get very hot and will undoubtedly burn your mouth.

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