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Cheese and Jam Toasties are somewhat of a delicacy in these parts. It is the perfect accompaniment to a night of chess, chat and general fun with your mates.

Having partaken of the delicacy myself, I am still at a loss to describe the actual quality that makes these hitherto un-combined foodstuffs palatable, but this is probably a result of the dizzying fun had on these nights. I can only describe it as the same quality found after the apparently insane combination in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

All I can say to the interested reader is to try them, you might like them.

To make Cheese and Jam Toasties;

You will need;
  • Several slices of bread
  • butter or margerine
  • Cheese ( I've used cheddar here, but any melty cheese will do)
  • Some Jam (Loganberry or Fruit of the forest are good but Strawberry is best)
  • A toaster oven (a grill will suffice)

First spread the butter or margerine on the slices. Then lay slices of cheese on one slice and jam on another. combine slices in cheese and jam pairs. Lay the sandwiches carefully on the toaster iron and cook until the cheese is melted and the bread is lightly browned.

Serve carefully arranged on a sandwich platter to those with enough courage!


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