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Clan Walrus is one of the most venerable and respected clans known within most online games. It was started by the Tycho Brahe and Gabriel of Penny-Arcade a while back. They wanted a clan but to get official clan status on id's homepage they had to have five members. Essentially it was a joke. The other members they conjured up for the clan are as follows:

Anti-Pope - he bears witness to a sea of roiling death and it fills him with icy joy.

Abadon - Destroyer, chief of the demon locusts and sovereign of the bottomless pit.

Dessicator - He sees humans only as delicious juice boxes.

These characters are directly lifted from the comic "Curse of Spawn". Now the clan has been expanded to Tribe Walrus and has a fairly large following in almost all fashionable online games (namely tribes, quake 2 and such).

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