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On the Sifl and Olly show, Cody is the most recurring of bad influences on innocent little Chester. Your prototypical partymeister, Cody's life seems to revolve around hookers and drugs. Though we rarely see him outside of "Calls from the Public" sequences, the daily characters of the series openly discuss their exploits with him.

Olly: Are you still customizing that van?
Chester: Yeah, yeah. It's pretty cool.
Olly: What did you put in it?
Chester: We uh ... it's Cody's van. He's cool. We put a bunch of little movie projectors, like some big leather seats, and some bullwhips.
Olly: For what? Why?
Chester: He says it's good for the hookers. They like that.
Olly: Hookers?!
Chester: Yeah, you know, the pretty girls with the sparkly clothes?
Olly: You shouldn't be hanging out with Cody, man. I don't think he's good news.
Chester: He's cool. He's a really cool guy. He plays pool.
Olly: How do you know he plays pool?
Chester: I dunno, he's always talking about eight-balls.

Cody also explains the meaning of "crescent-fresh" to Sifl and Olly through use of a song.

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