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A piece of machinery which converts loose, bagged coin into rolled coin for distribution.

One denomination of coin is placed in the hopper on top, and is conveyor-fed onto a spinning metal disc. The disc forces the coin evenly through a narrow metal slot.

The coin then travels across a pair of metal rails, and into a stacker, which is essentially a pair of metal cleats on parallel belts. The cleats travel downwards as coin is fed to them, creating a uniform stack.

The stack of coin is then dropped between three rubber rollers. The rollers spin the coin stack while "autowrap" (a continuous strip of paper printed with the correct denomination) is fed from the side, wrapping the stack.

Two "crimp hooks" then move slowly towards the top and bottom of the spinning stack, rolling the ends of the paper tightly. Finally, the rolled coin is ejected from the bottom of the machine, ready to be boxed and distributed.

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