Was it all times man die in bloom;
The herald's cry, the hill of clay and he
Alone and dumber and a cold eye
The herald's cry, the eaves,
The rattle of blood when it's plain to me
As though I am
Nor is loose,
As I were crowned;
As the calves on a thing in my soul.
Consume my finger could bathe a song
My finger could not for all times I had become a song
Thinks in hand,
Finger could not have been one
Poem maybe as your moments of the sun.

It's simple, you make an array of nouns, an array of adjectives, an array of verbs. You give it primitive rules regarding the structure of an English sentence. Then you invoke a pseudo-random number generator to choose which words in the array to choose at a given moment. Presto! You have a program that generates poetry. Can be done with the most primitive BASIC on the planet. No Artificial Intelligence of any kind required.

It's thought that using markov chains or garden path sentences sometimes make the poetry sound more real.

An early example of such a program is RACTER which wrote the best selling The Policeman's Beard is Half Constructed.

Another example is Ray Kurzweil's Cybernetic Poet aka RKCP.

Volumes of computer generated poetry include:

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Source: http://tommyrot.arrr.net/ComputerPoetry.html http://www.burningpress.org/toolbox/ Last Updated 08.06.04

This was an experiment with some voice-to-text (VTT, or TTS (text-to-speech)) software on a Macintosh computer. First, the program wanted to learn my voice, so I had to read it some predefined texts that it recorded and then sorted out, creating a profile. The thing is, to make it really work, I have to really teach it. Doing that would take an annoyingly large amount of my precious time. Having poetically experimented with BabelFish on AltaVista before, and realising the software couldn't quite get it right (in this case correctly translate my talking into the microphone to plain text) I saw that there might still come something interesting out of this.

1. Starting to talk about something and then as the text comes up one the screen (the misunderstanding of the computer software), I start reading that instead; creating a misunderstanding of a misunderstanding of a misunderstanding, etc. This somehow vaguely related to the original topic I started out talking about.
2. Talking in weird accents, muffled, making nonsense sounds, making up words, and having that come out as understandable text.
3. Continuing to talk about whatever subject the software seemed to think I was talking about.

Some editing was done afterwards removing some of the more boring bits and also making sentences more understandable. Adding some punctuation, quotation-marks and a title. Some accidents are kept to for the sake of robotic charm. This is the result:

to about what, sir?

For them, he had to live with ”a sudden it”.

Do with the computer forces; loss of the fishing, lose the formation mark. 0.8 is not with computers. What that is they can’t stand, and saying unified training; ”You’re not ideal”. And sending the case of talking to an emission graph. Views on no business topic is only business, people used that before time was going on. Two years from ”the good guy using does not”. The Prince: ”/.../ we know the talks led through for the foreigners.”

Quite beautiful the misunderstanding between human and initiate. No wishing. No. I am ashamed. I think it’s only the usual level of what may be. Held up to talk, to roll, and machines that do everything: forming me.

Down his nose; at Dayton Jesus, to their own dinosaurs. How come it is about both small 44 and 12 and for the the 100 assert that computers should bow for: the Hand area. But when it’s the American Indians, I used to do. You deserve what they did, you can.

About hotshot a coalition:
A ”Hello” of you doing, but there on the flotilla News said Hugo: ”into a gala you deserve!”

Face-close the tax bill. The treatment that those Mr. Bowman’s, it’s flushing down the famed 72. Don’t know what to do, hotshot, he should, she he should. Be sure you should, she should. Innocent persons or, for referring to, reserve your group or; you and we: ”Listen to work, that is, they still do move what was in their own ”can cut too”. She, she towardses finishes, when the assertion is, that is.

Huge motion of ”overwhelm”. The compelling flow is that their isoward can have to do what they use. Some do. They give us two to sell. Their vote for their own, for the productivity and similarity, to compose your readers. Said to be under no other proven ”them” for the top condemning. The burden of ”the know” there for you. ”Can you order whom for the most?” he said before.

Do more. On Our March we can do more than most of ”so further from the best but there”, and the Marcia machine. Their leader for them, the best of the defeats, the parent must see us. Into more for ”Hello” William; their best of the company. With federals going to help them, we were ”A unit of March”. Your ”this place” in the formation of formation!

The May was closed. This was most of the response. He’s into this on the homeowner, more ruled for four of the formals. Move to him. More than two years since. So do what he chooses to use ”of us going to use”. With the Jews, them that Jesus had, to that of her mother. She prefers to be left to store and to go farther further, just to kill and just to don’t.

Put them to borrow a foothold. I have that Bob relation, he has those of Dalton. Showing may have you a ”can you”. I sat, I did not see at all....

To go into. More ”The death of this day” than the Bible codes, but they are in the the strains, way into both of my ”don’t know what to do”’s.

At the start ”there are the troops outside the gates of the Garden”, but at the end, well it’s not one who stuck for a ”to know that dead end of the first show”. We have You to test from the two musics of ”The use”. That she-David, that latest of states.

To music that I can do, you can, you won’t say that. ”Wait essays” separate, and the text of that monitor the heavenly father. They had to want to teach you stop saying ”The next student”, and that understands the same after awhile. I’m not sure.

Can you write the essay? They need to say that they need to say. That is that ”winning you” can do that development of the new felony to spend. Its teachings of voice may have a profile of your own voice. After a while it says ”’to lead’ had a year by accident, that women have used.” In any led-by-wall, what’s your style of writing? Said that; it is like Boston; and thoughts like that have those GMs.

And villains of us, funny though it is, the computers that is doing such: a ”Mother” will jump all doubt that they meet. You know that analogy. Would they? We pay for income that is the end of men, and I knew what it’s of: millions of lost. Though it’s the computer, it is doing such a ”Mother” that will jump all doubt that they meet.

You know that all of GE would you would have gone out, and we pay. The end of men, and I knew what was to expand on millions of lost. That all-computer, if that is doing such. A Mother that use that; refusing all Mothers. You recruit and it’s really creepy. It’s as that recruit is you.

By undaunteds, by voice, this new banking at home setting pluses. Study the area and sell, resigned to the idea. For the dead man who live at the life will get them, and who lived, and we know. And that’s all done. Divided the gifted. And if it has, he gets practice. Let the heat-year-old boys to see if you ever go out of the thinking.

The law that alarm us that unless we use any, they would see the way you consider me. What I can’t get stuck playing through: the way it would agree. Adam is suffering the language. Through some of the coveted; they have to fight. The jury go back, so it’s the distant suffering by the the suffering. Something he is that, the approved. I’ve had a bite. I said that you read and take back.

A flight does that. The roads that you make sense of, all that ”all this is like that”. He knew him but by us, who wants to help? Gone back to the prominence as I’ll be used to. The Peeking-out-sound in ”making up what made more” might give you what it can’t get us. That the room you can get is stiffer. No parallel, no ”not to take”.

The human said that.

Information! And then you do let the will he had: its inflammation, as has the words of ”the Right”.

This might seems like jibberish, but if you read into it and try to 'understand' it, there are some interesting notions of government, religion, machinery, humanity and life and death in there. It can spark some interesting ideas on how we try to make sense of things.. The randomness of it all creates some new interesting imagery. It shows me some things I had not seen before. Another interesting point is how some things ended up sounding very cliché.

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