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A contact patch is the actual area of contact between a tire and the road. The contact patch depends upon tire size, condition, and inflation.

More often than not, bigger is better with contact patches. The available contact patch is often the limiting factor is vehicle maneuvers. The vehicle drifts less and can use more of its available torque and horsepower, both by decreasing spin-out and some magic Newtonian process I haven't analyzed enough yet. I'm speaking empirically here, folks. Cornering is vastly improved, as cornering generally decreases one's momentary contact patch.

Generally speaking, increasing a car or motorcycle's contact patch will make the driver Feel Like A God. No kidding. Just for you lucky souls with a 1973-78 Honda CB400, CB500, CB550, or CB750, your original tires can mount significantly wider tires than the default. I suggest some Goodyears. Drop the $300, and you will be in Heaven. Good luck, God-speed, and buy some new wheels.

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