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A form or style of Christian prayer that is not unlike the quietude of meditative Eastern disciplines like Zen Buddhism. It's most often associated with Catholicism and monastic life, but it's always a Good Thing for a Christian (cloistered or not, Catholic or not) to slow down, focus, and endeavor to listen to the "still, small voice" of the Spirit in this day and age. Then go and put a NOFX CD on.

In reference to Taoism, comtemplative taoists are those who do not engage in extreme acts of self-regulation. Example: a contemplative Taoist might sit and meditate with a buddhist, but instead of trying to purge his mind of outside influence, he would just sit and enjoy his surroundings. And, while the buddhist might sit there for hours, the Taoist would sit for as long as he deemed appropriate and then leave. To do otherwise would be "pushing the stream", or a futile exercise.

Con*tem"pla*tive (?), a. [F. contemplatif, L. contemplativus.]


Pertaining to contemplation; addicted to, or employed in, contemplation; meditative.

Fixed and contemplative their looks. Denham.


Having the power of contemplation; as, contemplative faculties.



© Webster 1913.

Con*tem"pla*tive, n. R. C. Ch.

A religious or either sex devoted to prayer and meditation, rather than to active works of charity.


© Webster 1913.

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