Are not hungry yet. We will come down when we are hungry.

We might have invited you up to the high trees if you had only not talked so much. Or if you had asked a question here and there. You had the right vision, wasted.

We know it is urgent for you to make so many sentences right now. Redundant. One direction. Lost deep in itself. Blind and loud about not being blind.

We will avoid that noise. You will come back, we all hope to see you emerge lightly into true attention. Relax into your real life. Calm down out of self-woven self. Hush.

If I am silent, I might be listening or I might be occupied. You ran that risk and I regret that the balance is slipping out of your favor. Maybe in years you will realize what was happening. Know that no one resented you for the time you occupied. It was clear you needed it. But it was nice to get away and back to our home. It is all back and forth changeable noise here, our own questions, moving up. We have what we need. We will save a place for you. It's nice.

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