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neo-post dada-discordian Self actualization, cyberpsychospiritual epiphany, to win a toaster and that cool hat. )+(
Waging war for Eris, Bavarian spotting (if you know what i mean, then you know what i mean), mental masturbation, tin-foil sculpture, low-frequency inversion field neutralization, OpSec protocols, small-unit tactics, psychological warfare, stalking, screaming, communicating with ultra-dimentionals, communicating with Lurch, Ed, and Bob.
Altair 5's Earth Based Observation Station and Surreality Fabrication Laboratory, subsidiaries of -tant industries
'Tis an ill wind that blows no minds. - Syadasti.. Buy my motto is "Perception is the babysitter to the infant mind"
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http://www.cozmodiar.com <--- dig it cowboy!
oops, you've fallen into the punji pit that is cozmodiar's home node! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am Cozmodiar, the king of my own mind (I'm also currently inhabiting Jhrulith's brain and controling his every action). I come from E-magi-Nation, sometimes called the Wonderverse. I reside in the Surreality Fabrication Laboratory and I'm also the currently acting Space Shaman. I share my quarters (Earth prison) with a number of entities. Plank, Zontar, Jhrulith's Cat, Jhrulith's shell, and a number of superstring hyper-aware ultradimentionals that are better left un-named or mentioned.
I'm a Cosmik Jester of Erisian Lust, a Monkey Trainer, a Banjo Picker, a stupid ass intellectual on crack, a SubGenius, and a Fenderson! Most of all, i'm a Soldier for Eris! "The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a bit longer" - Henry Kissinger )+(