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The skills that are used to navigate through a crowd are somewhat strange. Every person has there own seperate navigation techniques. Whether they be to walk slow and let people shuffle around and between them and just slowly roll through the crowd, or whether it be to walk quickly and dive in and out of gaps that appear. The skill of navigating through a crowd is something that is built up over time and evolves with practice. Being able to anticipate peoples movements. To listen which people are together and the directions the people around you are all going.
All of this makes one feel proud when one comes out having navigated succesfully. Making a path through a large crowd without the need to slow down or stop is very satisfying. Next time you are walking through a crowd, notice the techniques that you use.
This is a skill most refined in urban dwellers--most specifically, people who live in cities like New York, Chicago, London, etc. Sorry, if you live in, say, Oklahoma City, or any geographically spread-out city, you won't have learned this skill.

Case in point--I was in New York with some people from Ohio and Kentucky. I was using my normal crowd navigation techniques, and after two minutes they were thirty feet behind me. To me, I wasn't walking fast or anything like that, my friends just weren't as tuned to the beat of the City as I was, or something.

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