I went with my sister to do some food tourism at a Melanesian restaurant in Amherst. We were pretty excited, having never seen a Melanesian restaurant before.
We managed to say the words as written on the menu (i always get a little performance anxiety when it comes to ordering anyway), but then he asked: What kind of rice do you want?
To buy time, to find out more, i said, What do you have? The answer: white rice, brown rice, curly rice.

my eyes widened. i looked across the table at my sister and said, curly rice? I tried to imagine massively long-grained rice, probably reddish, like shiny and vegetative grubs...

Embarassed, she corrected me in a whisper: he said curry rice!.

i flushed, sank in my seat, and ordered the white rice. i couldn't look at him again. We left a big tip.

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