DICT.org provides online access to dictionaries.

They also definded the DICT protocol (RFC 2229) for access to online dictionaries with a client/server architecture. The dict server listens on TCP port 2628.

The following databases are availible on their public server:

See www.dict.org for more info on this cutting edge technology.

Can someone write a dict-to-E2 gateway, please?

The Python dictionary type (what other languages would call an associative array or a hash) is dict.

Often, you won't see dict used, as the empty literal {} is more concise than the empty constructor (as is the case with list, and conversions aren't that common. Come to think of it, non-empty dictionary literals are also easier than their constructor counterparts. Still, there is a useful constructor dict([(k0, v0), (k1, v1), ..., (kn, vn)]) from a list (iterator) of (key, value) pairs.

Although the keyword is "dict", the type is always referred to (in speech) as "dictionary". About the type itself, see dictionary.

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