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A complex crystal which becomes porous to antihydrogen when subjected to a high frequency electromagnetic field of sufficient power. It is used in matter/antimatter reactors in a role analogous to a combination carburetor and combustion chamber from an internal combustion engine. Simple forms of dilithium occur naturally but must undergo a complex process to rearrange their structures. Most crystals in use are artificially created.

Dilithium has these unique characteristics:

In Star Trek technobabble dilithium crystals are the thingies that energy is channeled through in order to get it from the matter/antimatter reaction chamber to the warp engines. They can also store some of the energy and be used like a battery. They're kinda like the spark plug of a starship and if they melt, which they often do, the ship ain't goin' nowherez.

Now what's dilithium? Well first off, what's lithium? Well, among other things, lithium hydride batteries are used to power some portable computers and other electronic equipment. So dilithium is just REAL KEWL lithium! Don't snort it though. Makes your nose bleed.

Dilithium crystals when exposed to a magnetic field change the quantum state of antimatter so it can co-exist with matter as matter/antimatter molecules . First the crystals are exposed to a high frequency electromagnetic field. Then the antimatter stream is passed through the crystals and pick up energy from the crystal that changes the quantum state. A flow of normal matter with the same mass flows below the crystals as the antimatter passes through the crystals into the matter stream they form molecules made of matter and antimatter called warp plasma. This is stored in the warp core and used in the warp coils and power cells.On at least one story line there was an imbalance in the fuel mixture this is a kind of warp chemistry started in our time. Warp Plasma does not have to be one kind of matter/antimatter molecule.

The reason I think this is correct is because on the star trek web site it shows this and in one of the shows dilithium crystals deposits on a planet had a formation where the crystals where resonating from geological heat. This was producing quantum vibrations that where destroying the planet. Also dipositronium is made by firing a beam of positrons at ordinary silica and it picks up energy from the reaction and produces the “ortho” state needed to form dipositronium a form of warp matter we can make today.

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