A sealed container, or valise, used by diplomats to carry materials, equipment or information into a foreign country. International Law states that a diplomatic pouch may not be opened, or in any way altered by the agents of a host country, including police and customs. It can be of any size, including that of standard shipping containers.

The diplomatic pouch is seen as a necessity for diplomacy. Without it, any materials needed or carried by diplomats would be subject to examination by foreign governments. Without a reasonable guarantee of secrecy, no nation would trust its embassy to negotiate on any sensitive matter. Even relatively mundane activities, such as visa requests, cound not be safely carried on abroad. Nations would have to negotiate on a site both trusted before any negotiations could begin.

The diplomatic pouch has been abused, primarily to bring in weapons and explosives by nationstates supporting terrorism. However, the pouch itself remains sancrosanct, because without it diplomatic activity would grind to a halt.

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