Discreet: formerly Discreet Logic, a Canadian company producing high-end animation and special effects graphics software. UK office in Beak St, Soho. Main products are 3d Studio Max, the plugins paint* and effect*, edit*(editing software, believe it or not), smoke*, flame*, and inferno*, which were used in various recent billion-dollar actionfests.


Dis*creet" (?), a. [Compar. Discreeter (?); superl. Discreetest.] [F. discret, L. discretus separated (whence the meaning reserved, prudent), p. p. of discernere. See Discern, and cf. Discrete.]


Possessed of discernment, especially in avoiding error or evil, and in the adaptation of means to ends; prudent; sagacious; judicious; not rash or heedless; cautious.

It is the discreet man, not the witty, nor the learned, nor the brave, who guides the conversation, and gives measures to society. Addison.

Satire 's my weapon, but I 'm too discreet To run amuck, and tilt at all I meet. Pope.

The sea is silent, the sea is discreet. Longfellow.


Differing; distinct.



-- Dis*creet"ly, adv. -- Dis*creet"ness, n.


© Webster 1913.

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