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One of the many weapons in Starsiege Tribes, the disk launcher (obviously) a weapon that shoots spinfusor disks using magnetic levitation technology.

It's the equivalent of a infantry-carried rocket launcher for Tribes as opposed to the rockets from Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena. Just like the rockets from the two other FPS games, the disks thrown out by the disk launcher will explode with a small area effect to knock the opposing forces.

Don't forget to read disk jump.

it sounds as if more damage could be inflicted if this "disk launcher" you speak of were loaded with old aol disks or cd's. this concept is much like early biological warfare in which dead bodies were catapulted over castle walls. the contaminated corpses would spread disease and fear among the defenders causing them to lose hope. how many aol users do you know who have lost hope?

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