This one is my favorite philosophy. Or, one of them, anyway. It's so direct, you can say what you mean and mean it. You know? Like: I am here and I have this message for you. And my message sucks. But don't take it out on me, because I'm not the one who originated this. I'm just the poor bastard who has to deliver it to you. And I hope you don't take out all your rage, frustration, sadness, rejection etc. on me. It's unfortunate that you had to hear all of this, (whatever it was) and I feel your pain, really, but it's not my fault. I'm only the voice.

On the flip side of this coin, I also believe in 'Don't Hug the Messenger'. This is not because I don't feel your joy, and not because I don't celebrate along with you, but rather a matter of 'non-hypocrisy'. If I can't be there for you to tear apart when I bring you the bad news, I have no right to celebrate when you get good news. I don't want to be a fair-weathered friend. I'll either be there for both, or for neither. I choose neither.

p.s. true.

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