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True story.

Scene: The Student Union. A bunch of students are waiting in line to get into the dining hall in the basement. One of them is a slightly dorky compsci student. One of them is a pot smoking hippy, who is stoned, and his roommate.

Compsci student:Hey! I smell doobie! Someone's been smoking DOOBIE!

hippy kinda shuffles, kinda grins uneasily. Roommate starts chuckling.

Compsci student(louder):Somebody around here's been smoking DOOBIE! Hey, does anyone else smell doobie? I think someone's been smoking doobie!

Roommate laughs louder. Hippy looks around. Other people are kinda chuckling too, and looking at the hippy, who has stoner written all over him, and everyone else in line looks like they came out of a damn J. Crew catalogue.

Compsci student: Hey, I think the doobie is over here! Hey, do you smell doobie? Is someone smoking doobie over here?

Hippy:uhhhh...yeah, well, I kinda smoked a little back in my room.

Roommate is cracking up at this point, and we've managed to attract the attention of basically everyone in line. Compsci student is totally oblivious to all this.

Compsci:Oh. I thought maybe someone was smoking doobie right here, because, I mean, damn, it really smells like doobie. I thought, you know, maybe someone was smoking doobie in the building, because it smells really strong like doobie.

Hippy:uhhhh...no, no one is smoking in the building.

Compsci:Oh, well, that woulda been really cool, if somebody had been smoking doobie in here.

Hippy:uhhh...yeah. Ok then. Well, I don't think anybody is going to do that.

Moral of the story:If you say doobie a lot, and emphasize it enough, you sound really funny.

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